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Who We Are

American CLEC is a consulting group formed within Win.Net Internet & Telephone, a successful Internet and Telephone service provider that has been in business since 1990.  In 2002 Win.Net created a CLEC division to take advantage of all the benefits that being a CLEC has to offer.  Win.Net operates in two states, interconnecting with three carriers at Central Office Collocations in two places and an OC-48 meet point.

Becoming a CLEC was among the smartest things Win.Net ever did. It enabled us to drastically reduce our costs (which launched our acquisition of seven other providers), simplified our network, and enabled us to offer new products at price points we were never previously able to consider.

American CLEC now uses this knowledge to help others do the same thing.

If you are an Internet or Voice service provider - or want to become one - we can take you to the next level. We aren't just consultants, we are a provider just like you. We understand your issues and where you are tyring to go.


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