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Myth #1:  It takes hundreds of thousands of dollars, a million or more, to become a facilities-based CLEC

Not with us.  We have looked at every aspect of the process from regulatory, to contracts, to switching, to training and operations. We have low cost alternatives to all expensive aspects. All in: collocation costs, our fees, new equipment, switching, codes and IDs - everything - you can expect to spend around $100,000 spread out over two to three years. The monthly minimum operating costs for the facilities based CLEC, including collocation expenses, circuits, etc., will be $500 - $1,500/month. Our proposal to you will have all of the details.

Myth #2:  It takes high priced telecommunications lawyers, consultants, and staff to start and operate a CLEC

That would be one appraoch, but we do not recommend it.  We do all of the work to get your CLEC established, no one else is needed, and we train your existing staff to handle the day-to-day responsibilities. No additional staff is typically necessary, in fact, the CLEC often allows for a simplification of your business.

Myth #3:  It can take years to become operational as a CLEC

It can, but we are all about getting you there as quickly as possible.  It takes us about fifteen months to go from idea to walking away with you fully operational.  You technically are a CLEC within a few weeks into the process, but technically doesn't help you.  About 20% of our new clients are already, technically, CLECs, but call us to ask: Now What?  Our goal is to make you a CLEC and get you to the point where that has value for you.

Myth #4:  You can save just about as much by being a customer of a CLEC as by being one

Not even close!  The ILECs and other CLECs all want you to walk away.  The more complicated, expensive, and unapealing the process, the better for the existing Carriers.  But don't be intimidated.  You can save as much as 85%; overall your savings will average 40% to 50% each and every month by becoming a CLEC.  The low costs involved in working with American CLEC makes becoming a CLEC worth every cent.  And then there are the new services and products that you can now offer.

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