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What We Do

American CLEC builds - for you - a fully operational, facilities-based CLEC in approximately fifteen months.  For existing providers we convert your circuits to new CLEC circuits which starts saving you a great deal of money.  We keep you in the loop on all important decisions, but we are here to make you life easier.  We do nearly all of the work so you can get on with running your business.

What we do includes:

     Work with your Attorney to incorporate a separte division
     Gain approval from your state Service or Regulatory Commission
     File tariff(s) with your state Service/Regulatory Commission
     Negotiate an Interconnection agreement with the incumbent telephone company (ILEC)
     Obtain the many industry codes and IDs required
     Submit profile and network information to the ILEC
     Setup Online ordering systems with ILEC
     Order trunks and circuits
     Set up switching & call control
     Obtain telephone numbers
     Order Initial circuits
     Switch existing servcies to new circuits

We are focused on one purpose: to create a CLEC to save you money - lots of money - and to make available to you the products and services that will allow you to position your business for a prosperous future.

We understand cash flow and have designed our process to work within your budget and keep your out-of-pocket costs to a minimum.

Most of the work involved with establishing a CLEC is one-time only.  We do it all, so you can run your business and be confident that your CLEC will be established in a timely manner to return to you huge savings and amazing products.

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