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CLEC Equipment

Here is a typical set of equipment to provide Internet & Telephone service, ADSL2+ (10-40 Mbs), G.SHDSL (10 - 60 Mbs symmetrical, 1-8 bonded copper pairs), T1s, NxT1s, for either Voice, Internet, or Combinations.  Brands, models, and estimated costs are listed.  Most Cisco equipment is listed with refrubished price, Zhone and Overture are listed as new.

    Cisco 7206 Router. Est $3,000. For Internet connectivity.
    Cisco AS5400 Media Gateay. Est $5,000. For Interconnection, Voice/VOIP, and Interent
    DS3 Multiplexor. Est $1,000.
    Zhone DSLAM (48 port). Est $2,500. For ADSL2+
    Overture (Hatteras) 4000 (40 pairs). Est $6,500. For G.SHDSL.

Not all of this is necessary, other equipment may be required depending upon desired services and quantities.

Codes and IDs

Typically $3,000 is required for the various codes and IDs that are required.


$5,000.  It seems that no matter what our customer's size, the ILECs always seem to ask for a $10,000 deposit.  We are typically able to get this down to $5,000.   The deposit can be satisfied by a Letter of Credit, which will cost $300-$500 from your bank.


$30,000.  For most clients, collocation makes the most economic sense (about 80% of the time).  One can get the lowest cost access to trunks and to customer loops; elements not accessible from other means of interconnection.   Colocation monthly costs are around $500-$700/month, mostly for power.

American CLEC fees

Payment of our fees is spread out over typically a 24-36 month timeframe.   $2,500 - $3,500/month typically depending upon the size of the project: number of states, number of ILECs, number of collocations.

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