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Our Approach

We try to make becoming a CLEC as stress-free as possible.  We talk to you about your exiting business, or the one you are seeking to create. We talk about your network: POPS, PRIs, SIP Trunks, T1s, etc.  We look at how what you have can be optimized to save you thousands of dollars, and how CLEC derived products can give you great services at great margins.

We prepare a detailed proposal for you:  the transition costs, itemized savings, and our fees which are spread out for the duration of the projecdt and beyond, often to be paid out of money saved from operating as a CLEC.  Once you approve our proposal we roll up our sleeves and get to work.

While building your CLEC, we provide frequent and up-to-date information about everything we have done as well as provide you with everything you will need to continue to operate your CLEC.

We leave you with a fully operational CLEC that your staff has been trained to use that will save you thousands of dollars every month and open a world of new product opportunities to you.

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